The One-eyed Bishop &

the One-legged Black Guy

Roger Glenn Lewis was wrongfully convicted in Houston, Texas not once, but four times.


He served a total of 43 years in Texas prisons. Not one of his four convictions had any material evidence or eye witnesses, but they did have a link to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.


It all started in 1974 with a chaotic bullshit story out of the (then) Diocese of Galveston-Houston that the Bishop had been assaulted. Newspapers around the world reported on the assault and robbery noting that surgeons had to remove the Bishop's eye due to the brutal nature of the assault: he had been kicked with such force and precision right on his eyeball that it split horizontally in half.  The reporters quickly adopted the new details for the story once police had arrested 24-year-old Roger and realized he only had one leg: The Bishop had been "pistol whipped," the media said. The police were lauded for "solving the case" so quickly.

Roger's story came to my attention first in March 2017.